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Supporting Your Anxious Child - Free Class

Thursday 8th February 2024


Our monthly class gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your child’s behaviour and listen to expert ideas and inspiration.

Event Details

This month’s theme is: How to support your child if they feel anxious and worried



Does your child seem to be worried and anxious a lot of the time? Perhaps they struggle to try new things, lack self-confidence, or don’t want to be apart from you. We’ll explore why your child might feel this way and give you practical ideas to have positive conversations, help them build their confidence, and overcome their worries.


In this class, you will learn about:


  • Why some children feel anxious and worried 
  • Signs that your child may be feeling anxious
  • How you can boost their confidence and self-esteem
  • When to seek further support and advice


Book your space on this class

Click the button below to register for this free webinar which is held on Zoom. 

How to ask a question?

Email your questions in advance to We try to answer as many questions as possible during each class, but the earlier you get your question in, the more likely they will be answered during the class.


What to expect?

The class will be hosted by one of our behaviour experts. They will start the session with a short introduction to share their extensive experience with you.

Then it’s time to talk about this month’s theme and the questions we’ve received from you. Do remember to email these to us before the class. You’ll hear lots of practical and helpful ideas to help you at home.

At the end of the session, our expert will share useful resources from the My Family Coach website linked to this month’s theme and tell you about our next events.

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