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Expert Support for Families

Family life is important, and it doesn’t stop when your employees come to work. We know it can be difficult to juggle the stress and pressures of home and job. The parents and carers in your organisation are looking for support. 

My Family Coach is a free website powered by Team Teach. We’re leading providers of Positive Behaviour Training in schools and Health and Social Care settings, and now we’re helping families, too. Our website is full of helpful ideas and inspiration for families to enjoy.

20 Years of Award-Winning Training

Transforming 5,000 Settings

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Positive Behaviour Support They Can Trust

The ideas and information we share are based on our twenty years of experience delivering award-winning Team Teach training. 

We train over 100,000 individuals each year and our positive approach to behaviour has already transformed 8,000 settings in 7 different countries.

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The Behaviour Support Your Employees Are Searching For

The internet is full of parenting ideas but it’s often difficult for parents and carers to find reliable information. With My Family Coach, your employees have a website that covers all the popular parenting topics and common challenges families are facing. 

You can relax knowing the information we share is reliable, practical, and in line with positive behaviour strategies used in schools and health and social care settings. It’s a simple and free support for you to share with your team.

How My Family Coach Can Help Parents and Carers in Your Team

Show Your Commitment to the Parents and Carers in Your Organisation

You know it’s hard for your team to juggle work and home life. With My Family Coach, the parents and carers in your organisation are empowered with the information they need to understand their children’s behaviour, and the skills to make positive changes. Everyone benefits when home life feels happier.

My Family Coach is the perfect way to show your support for families. Everyone can benefit from the practical and accessible information we share.  

Popular Parenting Topics

Parents and carers have a wide variety of resources to choose from, matching every age and stage of development, content is suitable for children (ages 3-11) and for teenagers (ages 11-18) so there’s something for everyone.

Take the Next Step

Remember, it’s completely free for the families in your organisation to enjoy everything My Family Coach has to offer. The only paid resources are 1:1 coaching sessions for families looking for individual support. Come and see what My Family Coach can offer the parents and carers in your team.

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