4 Do’s and Don’ts When Your Child Has Tantrums

Dad calming child after tantrums

Reading time: 5 mins

Suitable for: Families of younger children

Tantrums are a sudden burst of anger and frustration. Your child might scream and shout, roll on the floor, kick out, or throw and push things over. They are common among young children, often starting at around 18 months and usually becoming less frequent by the age of 4.

Why do tantrums happen?

Tantrums happen because your child can’t say what they want, feel, or need yet. Often, there's a physical reason that heightens these emotions. They may be tired, hungry, thirsty, bored, or uncomfortable in some way. Often, you’ll see these behaviours just before a meal or in the run up to bedtime.

There might also be other reasons, such as:

  • They want something they can’t have
  • They might be overstimulated by sound, bright lights, or a busy environment
  • There might be a surprise change in plans
  • They need and want your attention

Rather than focusing on the tantrum and how to stop it, understanding why your child is feeling this way can help you support them through it.



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