Supporting Your Child Through a Divorce

supporting through divorce

Reading time: 5 mins 

Suitable for: Families with children of all ages 

A divorce or separation is a stressful time for everyone involved, no matter how amicable the split might be. It can be a particularly emotional time for your child. Their world as they know it is changing and they need to adjust to a new normal. The best thing you can do is reassure them that both of you still love them very much.  

Children react to divorce in different ways. They may feel like they are to blame for it. They may feel anxious, angry, or show a significant change in their behaviour. These reactions are common and to be expected. You can help them through this by being patient and supporting them as they get used to the changes.

How children can respond to separation and divorce 

This significant change to life as they know it can feel much like a bereavement. Many children feel a sense of loss and can look for someone to blame. Your child may have conflicted feelings, feel loyal to both of you and worried about losing you, or stuck in the middle.


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