Calming Down

Practical support to reduce distressed behaviour.

Our Calming Down collection unpicks the reasons behind your child’s angry outbursts and helps you find simple solutions. You’ll find a range of strategies your child can use to get in control of big emotions before they feel overwhelmed.

  • Why do I get big, angry reactions to simple requests?
  • How can I reduce tantrums and meltdowns?
  • What can I do to help my child calm down?

From toddlers to teens, find the support and practical advice you need – with more helpful resources added all the time.

Calming down strategies & support

Reduce angry & aggressive reactions 

Understand behaviour as communication

The Calming Down Collection

behaviours that challenge podcast

Behaviours That Challenge | Sarah Johnson

Expert guest, Sarah Johnson, talks about behaviours that can challenge us as parents. She explains how we can really notice what’s going on and decide the best way to respond.

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